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Our mission

To provide a reliable platform of instructional content for people to learn and progress in Martial Arts at their own pace, in their own time. 


Here at Day One we want to see as many people involved in martial arts as possible. We've seen the positive impact these sports have had on literally thousands of peoples live's from a boost in confidence, improving their fitness or providing a community to feel apart of. 


We also understand that sometimes getting started is the hardest part and a little extra help goes a long way!

So join us here at Day one to make that journey just that little bit easier! 

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Meet your coach 

luke howard 

With a black belt in Judo, Brown Belt in Brazillian Jiujitsu and 10+ Professional fights under his belt Luke is no stranger to the world of Martial arts. 


From his days in the Dojo at just 8 years old through to training, coaching and competing Australia wide and overseas Luke has invested the better part of 20 years in his martial arts journey.


With a strong base in both grappling and striking arts Luke is a very well rounded coach and understands the importance of fundamentals to build a strong foundation. He's equally as passionate about the sport as he is about sharing the knowledge he's gained to help others.  

"As a coach i love clearing up the confusion that comes with learning a new skill.  it's my job to make that process as simple and enjoyable as possible.  Nothing beats the moment you see a new student realise they can actually do this!"