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online boxing lessons 

Here at day one we understand that getting started is the hardest part so here's a couple lessons on us to set you on your way. 

These boxing lessons can be done either in the gym or around the house with NO equipment or on the bag if you have one. 

Follow along on screen for 45 minutes through  the warm up, dynamic stretches, technique, footwork, shadow boxing or bag rounds and finish with a little  core work and a cool down from the comfort of your own home. 


Goal setting

Effective goal setting is a very powerful tool to help keep you on track with training and stay motivated. 

Goals help give our time in the gym purpose and a sense of satisfaction when we achieve them.

If you've never sat down to assess your goals this work sheet is for you!


We'll give you a full rundown of how  how goal setting can help you and provide you with a worksheet to put your thoughts on paper to invigorate some purpose into your training.